Programs include:

AVCP Regional Housing Authority provides affordable housing programs and opportunities in the AVCP region.

Our programs are available to any American Indian or Alaska Native who is a member of a federally recognized tribe and meet program eligibility requirements.

Housing Programs

Mutual Help Program

This program was offered under the 1937 Housing Act.

Program highlights:

  • Make monthly housing payments
  • Gain experience with upkeep and maintenance of a home

Home Mortgage Program

The Home Mortgage Program is operated as a deed of trust program for houses constructed under the NAHASDA program.

  • Deed of Trust and 25 year promissory note
  • Make monthly housing payments
  • Gain experience with upkeep and maintenance of a home

Low-Income Rental Program

AVCP RHA operates Low-Income rental properties in 11 communities.

The program is provided with the intent of helping individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency and financial stability by providing affordable housing.

Applicants who meet HUD Low-Income requirements receive preference in placement.

  • Rent is calculated based on income, allowing applicants to plan for financial success
  • Promotes economic and social integration while building the community

Assistance Programs

Homeownership Assistance Program

The home ownership assistance program (HAP) is a grant that can be used for acquisition or purchase of a new or existing home, down payment assistance to access home financing, or for renovation of an existing home.

HAP provides $25,000 per eligible applicant.

Families and individuals must meet program eligibility requirements including an additional criteria check list for credit and criminal history.

Other requirements include site control, insurance, and useful life agreement for maintaining the unit as an affordable housing unit for a minimum of 5 years.

A successful applicant is responsible for all planning, purchasing, and labor arrangements.

  • Acquisition or purchase of a new or existing home
  • Down paymest assistance, allowing access to traditional financing
  • Renovation of an existing home

Emergency Voucher Assistance Program

The Emergency Voucher Assistance (EVA) Program provides assistance to qualified applicants for the prevention of utility shut-off, purchase of heating fuel, and for housing payments. The program is available for communities where AVCP RHA is the current Tribally Designated Housing Entity(TDHE)

EVA Assistance is limited to $500 per home; per year, depending on funding availability.

  • AVCP RHA will verify outstanding debts directly with vendors to establish need

Education Housing Assistance Grant

The Education Housing Assistance Grant provides housing assistance grants for students actual housing costs. EHAG cannot be used to cover other fees such as travel or meals.

Interested students must submit required application paperwork to be considered for the grant.

This program is currently suspended for 2017